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CBC and SEMA-AM formalize partnership for the consolidation of the Amazonian Forum on Climate Chance

The Amazonas State Secretariat for the Environment (Sema - AM) and the Centro Brasil no Clima (CBC) formalized last week, August 3, a partnership aimed at consolidating the contribution to the Amazonian Forum on Climate Change (FAMC) and identifying trends sectoral greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the State and the respective potential for reducing emissions in accordance with the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC).

For Guilherme Lima, CBC coordinator for the ICAT project (Initiative for Climate Action Transparency), the partnership is of great relevance to the work that the CBC has been developing to advance the subnational climate agenda, revealing that the State has important instruments on the agenda .

“The formalization of the partnership with the state of Amazonas is of great relevance for the work that the CBC has been developing to advance the climate agenda in subnational. In addition to being fully inserted in the Amazon biome, one of the most threatened by deforestation, Amazonas occupies the seventh position in Brazil in terms of gross emissions, precisely because of the change in land use. From the beginning, the partnership with the secretariat (SEMA-AM) was promising. The state has important instruments for the agenda, such as the State Policy on Climate Change and the Amazonian Forum on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Environmental Services (FAMC), with which the CBC has also worked aiming at strengthening it as a space for discussions around the options for mitigating GHG emissions in the state ”.

One of the main objectives foreseen in the partnership, besides the strengthening of the Amazonian Forum on Climate Change through the creation of the Technical Chamber of Innovation for low carbon economy, is the incentive to a decarbonized economic base and the establishment of Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV), as enacted in the Paris Agreement.

In a document, SEMA - AM says it is in favor of a new collaboration with the CBC, since it would be an initial milestone to contribute and promote climate mitigation techniques for the State of Amazonas. The secretariat also reinforced that he hopes that the institutional "expertise" of the CBC will cooperate technically to improve and restructure the Work Plan agreed between both parties.

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