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CBC and SEMARH of Alagoas formalize partnership

The Brazil Center on Climate (CBC) and the State Secretariat of Environment and Water Resources (SEMARH) of Alagoas made official on June 15 a partnership to offer training to strengthen the technical teams of the agency.

In a document that formalized the partnership, the Secretary of SEMARH, João Paulo Tavares, emphasized that the partnership "will be of fundamental importance for the preparation of studies to evaluate policies and actions for mitigation and adaptation to face climate change at the subnational level.

For CBC's articulator, Sérgio Xavier, "the state of Alagoas, which is a national reference in solid waste management, with pioneering closure of 100% of old dumps, is developing with CBC innovations aimed at implementing climate policies. In 2019 it activated its State Climate Change Forum and in 2020 it is implementing Thematic Technical Chambers and developing instruments for Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of emissions, as part of the ICAT - Initiative for Climate Action Transparency, represented in Brazil by CBC".

One of the main objectives of the partnership is the strengthening of the Alagoas Climate Change Forum through the creation of the Technical Innovation Chamber for a low carbon economy. Tavares also reinforced that the Technical Chamber "will allow finding the best alternatives for the development of the State, towards the reestablishment of the post pandemic economy based on the transition to a sustainable low carbon economy".

The Alagoas Forum on Climate Change was created in August 2019, from a partnership with CBC, and has held two meetings with its members so far.

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