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CBC Executive Director joins French list of 100 ecology thinkers

Created by French radio France Culture, the list "Eco-intellectuals: 100 thinkers to understand ecology" included the name of the executive director of the Brazil Climate Centre, Alfredo Sirkis, in 2019. Sharing space with names such as: Al Gore, former vice-president of the United States, Chico Mendes, rubber activist and Marina Silva, political activist, Sirkis was chosen by the coordinators Étienne Miqueu and Frédéric Martel in the political area.

He drew the organizers' attention to his work in defense of environmental policies for reforestation in Brazil and the development of ideas in the less carbon economy, in addition to writing books and articles on the subject. On the Brazil Center for Climate website, articles and important reports are available in these segments led by Sirkis. To access them, click on Actions and Articles in the menu.

The complete list can be accessed here.

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