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CBC makes panel in CBMC

The Brazil Center on Climate in partnership with the organizations ABEMA and ICLEI, held the panel Brazilian States for climate action yesterday, with mediation of the executive secretary of the State Secretariat of Environment and Sustainability of Pernambuco, Inamara Melo. The lecture is part of the Brazilian Conference on Climate Change, which takes place in Recife.

The table had as objective to discuss about the action of the states to assume a political leadership in the attempt to reverse the climate change in Brazil. "The governors need to seek actions to combat deforestation, promote reforestation and low-carbon agriculture, and stimulate the use of biofuels in an attempt to reduce the use of fossil fuels," said Alfredo Sirkis, director of Centro Brasil no Clima.

During the panel, Alfredo Sirkis, director of the CBC, Germano Vieira, secretary of environment of the state of Minas Gerais and president of Abema, Rodrigo Perpétuo, executive secretary of ICLEI, discussed the consolidation of the Governors for Climate initiative as a council for sharing regional experiences against climate change.

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