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CBC meets the governor of Pernambuco

Photo: Lu Rocha / Semas PE

Intending to discuss the future actions of the Governors for Climate, a subnational climate governance council, the governor of Pernambuco, Paulo Câmara, met with CBC Executive Director, Alfredo Sirkis. At the initiative, launched in April, Brazilian states will play a central role in climate change. With climate denialism and the federal government's hostility to confronting climate change and environmental issues in general, states play a pivotal role.

At the meeting, Sirkis talked about the possible participation of the governor in international events, such as Climate Week in New York. They also discussed the Câmara's leadership among the group of the Governors for Climate and the reactivation of the Pernambuco Climate Change Forum. The Forum designed a strategy to reinforce Pernambuco's role in the Brazilian NDC and to examine the opportunities that open for financing decarbonization projects: clean energy, Fernando de Noronha Carbon Neutral, aviation biokerosene, reforestation and low carbon agriculture in the Caatinga region. Adaptation actions were also discussed: combating desertification and preventive measures on the coast and in the forest zone.

"Pernambuco has this tradition, since the government of Eduardo Campos, has very advanced state legislation, is a state with international prestige, and seen as an investment opportunity in the process of decarbonization," noted Sirkis.

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