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Climate Reality Project Brazil is new site

Bringing up specific issues regarding global warming, climate change and climate leaderships, The Climate Reality Project Brazil opens a website, with the purpose of improving its articulations in the scope of social knowledge on climate change.

Thinking of a greater promotion of climate activism, the new Climate Reality website gathers in just one platform the multiple voices of its leaders, trained by the former vice-president of the United States and founder of the organization, Al Gore, besides showing their actions made over the years, raising awareness in Brazilian society about the urgency of climate mitigation.

"The new site has the purpose of giving more visibility to leaders and their proposals, as well as the actions of Climate International and Brazil, making the site a channel for prospecting their actions," says Renata Moraes, manager of the Climate Reality Project branch in Brazil.

Among the new strategies of Climate Reality Brazil for the year 2020, the engagement of leaders of the climate reality, the adaptations, the implementations of the Brazilian iNDC and the conversation wheels on climate and the promotion of climate literacy stand out in the calendar.

In the home of the site, besides finding all the goals, it is possible to be aware of events on the subject worldwide. In this new page, you are still invited to be part of the movement; you can become a volunteer or even invite the leaders for lectures.

Visit the new site:

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