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Macapá discusses the creation of a Biofuel Platform

Did you know that açaí seed can produce biofuel? That's right the fact is so real that it was the subject of the first Technical Seminar on Bioeconomy, promoted by the Macapá on Monday, 9th, in the Senai/AP auditorium. Several entities discussed how important is opening new markets for the productive sector, and the proposal of Macapá Biofuel Platform project.

The mayor of Macapá, Clécio Luís, believes the idea is taking advantage of the moment that Amazon is debated across the world. The objective is thinking about economic and sustainable development of the city from inputs such as the açaí seed, a native fruit of the Amazon region.

"We want to work and discuss intelligent, creative, and sustainable ways to improve our economy in Macapá. The platform aims to build new markets and, through the reuse of raw materials such as açaí, generate more jobs and income, and the best, in a sustainable way," he explained.

For Senai's Operations Director and Sesi/AP Superintendent, Moisés de Aguiar, the reuse from the use of new technologies is the door to new professions. "The use of technology can greatly improve the productive chain of açaí. Its waste must be reused sustainably. With this way, we can minimize waste and create new opportunities for what is currently seen only as garbage. Our commitment is to qualify citizens for the professions that will emerge along this path," said Aguiar.

The event began with a speech by Sérgio Xavier, deputy executive director of CBC, who spoke about the creation of the platform.

"The first step in the creation of the platform is exactly to build multilateral partnerships, as we are currently defining, after signing the Technical Cooperation Agreement with Sesi/Senai. The term is proposed for the construction of Circulab, a laboratory for the development of ideas that focuses on the circular economy, research on biofuel from local inputs," he said.

Technical Cooperation Agreement

During the event, the manager of Sesi/Senai, Moisés de Aguiar, and the mayor Clécio signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement for the implementation of a Circular Innovation Laboratory - Circulab. The objective is to invest in research into biofuels based on local inputs to solve challenges.

Present at the occasion, the executive director of Centro Brasil no Clima (CBC), Alfredo Sirkis, approved the management initiative. "The mayor's initiative is excellent, the path to development begins with sustainability," Sirkis said.

Source: Prefeitura de Macapá

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