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Alagoas receives meeting to create a climate change forum

Surrounded by natural beauty, the state will discuss the impact os climate change

Representatives of Centro Brasil no Clima (CBC) and the Secretariat of Environment and Water Resources of Alagoas (Semarh) are meeting next Monday (19) to discuss the creation of the Fórum Alagoano de Mudanças Climáticas. The event open to the public will be held at the Fazendária School Auditorium, Maceió, at 9 am.

Just like Pernambuco, the initiative aims to advance the states' agenda in addressing the impacts of climate change. The meeting is going to present data of Alagoas's contribution to Brazilian greenhouse gas emissions, and the adaptation efforts already made.

Thus, it is possible to define priority projects to formulate a business attraction plan, facilitating international investments. Will also be discussed the creation and implementation of the "Low Carbon Economy Acceleration Platform" and define priority actions for the implementation of state Climate Change policies.

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