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Pernambuco government discusses Paris Agreement

Photo: Lu Rocha / Semas PE

The Climate Change Forum of Pernambuco, coordinated by the Secretariat of Environment and Sustainability (Semas), and experts intend to discuss, today, goals and contributions of Brazil and Pernambuco in reducing greenhouse gases. Greenhouse Effect (GHG), based on the Paris Agreement. The event includes names such as the executive coordinator of the Brazil Climate Center (CBC) and one of the best-known environmentalists in the country, Alfredo Sirkis; ICLEI South America Executive Secretary Rodrigo Perpétuo; and environmentalist Sérgio Xavier; in addition to state secretary for the environment, José Bertotti.

At the meeting, the data that will compose the inventory of Pernambuco’s Greenhouse Gases (GHG), which is being carried out by Semas, will be displayed in partnership with several agencies. Another topic of debate will be the presentation of Brazil’s proposals for the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and Pernambuco’s role in achieving this commitment. The NDC refers to the goals set by Brazilian representatives at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP 21), held in Paris in 2015.

One of the proposals of the agreement signed at COP is that Brazil intends to reduce GHG emissions by 37% by 2025, the data refer to the 2005 emissions levels, throughout the national territory. Then, there is going to be a debate about Pernambuco’s role in the implementation of the Brazilian NDC, led by Secretary José Bertotti, Alfredo Sirkis, Sérgio Xavier; and Rodrigo Perpetual. “Pernambuco reaffirmed its commitment to contribute to Brazil, achieving its goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The meeting is a space for dialogue with society and for forming partnerships to consolidate strategies and actions that will lead us to reach these levels,” said Bertotti.

The Forum was reactivated in May this year and is made up of representatives of the state departments of administration; Cities; Social defense; Economic development; Farm; Cheers; Planning and management; Education, in addition to representatives of the National Association of Municipal Agencies of the Environment (Anama); State Water Resources Council; Environment Commission of the Pernambuco Legislative Assembly and the Recife City Hall.

National Conference

The debate promoted by the Climate Change Forum is one of the previous actions that will contribute to the Brazilian Conference on Climate Change, which will take place in November, in Pernambuco. The event will bring together non-governmental organizations, social movements, governments, the scientific community and the Brazilian private and public sector for three days of dialogue and formulation of proposals for the implementation of the Brazilian NDC. Within this initiative, the State Secretariat of Environment also coordinates the ABEMA Technical Climate Commission, which supports the debate on the role of states in the climate agenda. The conference is preparatory and should result in discussions and deliberations for COP 25 in December in Chile.

Source: Diário de Pernambuco

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