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Plan for Brazilian NDC becomes workshop

By: Beatriz Couto

With less than a week to go until COP-25, the Brazil Centre on Climate held a workshop on financing alternatives for the Amazon States and long-term strategies for compliance with the Brazilian NDC.

The meeting sought to discuss ways and new possibilities of climate policies, so that Brazil could achieve its NDC goals established by the Paris Agreement in 2015. "Brazil will only meet the established goal if it reduces deforestation in the Amazon by 95%," said Alfredo Sirkis, director of the Brazil Center for Climate.

The exchange of ideas brought to the agenda the use of the Amazonian states as carbon capture mechanisms that remunerate the reduction of deforestation, at a regional level. The way to establish a financing fund - public and/or private - became a discussion during the second part of the workshop, since it would be necessary to establish a sustainable economy.

"It is difficult to achieve targets with own resources, one must think globally. It is not possible to maintain something for long without federal support. We must think about the result," said Ronaldo Seroa, professor at UERJ. For him, the fund for the states could be given directly to each government.

The workshop was just the first step for other climate change mitigation initiatives, aiming at a review of the Brazilian NDC for the 2020 COP in Scotland.

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