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The creation of the Forum Alagoano advances

The participants of the meeting for the creation of Forum Alagoano de Mudanças Climáticas / Foto: Rodrigo Beltrão

“We have a very good chance of developing a low carbon economy. Alagoas has a huge capacity in the area of ​​renewable energy, solar energy for example,” commented Sergio Xavier, Deputy Executive Director of Centro Brasil no Clima.

He said it during a meeting to discuss the creation of the Forum Alagoano de Mudanças Climáticas, today. The event brought together government, academia and civil society at the Fazendária School Auditorium, in Jacarecica, Maceió.

The initiative follows a subnational strategy, which activates the states in the protagonism of the theme, as happened in Pernambuco. According to Fernando Pereira, Secretary of Environment and Water Resources of Alagoas is a way to bring the climate change debate to the state:

“We have been watching the repercussions of the federal government, and I think it is important that we can bring into our state so that we can discuss with civil society, government climate change in the state of Alagoas” commented at the event.

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