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Who we are

CBC - Centro Brasil no Clima

The Brazilian Climate Center is a think tank officially formed on the 5th of March 2015.


It is an offspring of The Rio Climate Challenge initiative (RCC), a side event of the UN Rio + 20 Conference, in 2012. The name Brasil no Clima was first used to name two big demonstrations in Rio de Janeiro, in 2007 and 2009, which preceded the Bali and the Copenhagen UNFCCC conferences, with the purpose to exert pressure on the Brazilian official positions.    


Strictly nonpartisan, the CBC acts to influence the Brazilian political arena and power structures. Also advocates the implementation of the NDC, establishing its sectoral and regional goals, ratcheting its ambitions, building a Long Term Strategy for net zero (by the middle of the Century XXI) and conceiving robust adaptation actions at different levels.

CBC meeting

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Executive Director: Guilherme Syrkis


Some of our achievements

The CBC organized the Ratifica Já! (Ratify Now!), the campaign which influenced decisively the ratification of the Paris Agreement in record time (two months passing in both Houses of Congress).   


From September 2016 to May 2019, the CBC was deeply involved, through the Brazilian Forum for Climate Change, in promoting a discussion (during two long years)  of an implementation road map for the Brazilian INDC with multi-stakeholders. Took part in this process, 537 participants and 247 organizations from government, NGOs, private sector and academy.  


The document The Initial Proposal for the Implementation of the Brazilian NDC  was handed to the Brazilian President, Congress, various ministers, and presidential candidates. The CBC also launched Carbon Neutral Brazil 2060,  a study developed in partnership with academy, which showing possible paths for net zero.


The CBC is also involved with the discussion of decarbonizing economics and takes part in the 108 Initiative  (referring to Paragraph 108 of the Paris Agreement). The Center published as well the book Moving the Trillions, a debate on positive pricing of mitigation actions.


Nowadays, there is a difficult political environment in Brazil, with the Federal Government being controlled by denialists or skeptics about climate change. Because of that, the CBC is prioritizing its work on the subnational level, with state governments, cities and civil society pushing forward the climate agenda.


We remain with a strong presence in the Brazilian media and its principal vehicles, we also keep developing our social network and value the organization of street interventions and demonstrations when necessary.
The CBC also focus on equipping people with knowledge and provides courses on climate change as well as on various environmental issues, for different kinds of audiences, including children and teenagers from private and public schools. CBC also has a strong partnership with the Climate Reality Project, presided by Al Gore, and develops projects with the Europe Union and UNEP, as well as a joint action with various both national and foreign NGOs.



Contribute to the overall effort to keep the earth temperature below 2 degrees Celsius, towards 1,5, and promote a transition towards a low-carbon economy



We are a non-profit organization formed by some of Brazil's leading thinkers and activists in climate ​​change and decarbonization.

Some of the CBC founders and leaders

Some of the leading researchers, thinkers and activists in Brazil in the area of ​​climate change, environment and economics.

Founders and associates

Alfredo Helio Syrkis 
Ana Amélia Campos Toni
André Lemos de Abreu 
André Luiz Esteves 
Andrea Margit 
Andrea Souza Santos 
Aspasia Brasileiro Alcantara de Camargo 
Branca Americano  
Carlos Eduardo Rittl 

Eduardo Alexandre da Silva Akmeida
Eduardo José Viola 
Emilio Lèbre La Rovere 
Fabio José Feldmann 

Guilherme Syrkis 

Israel Klabin 
José Sarney Filho 

Luiz Augusto Nóbrega Barroso 
Márcia Bandeira da Silva 
Marcos Vinicius de Campos 
Maurício de Moura Costa 
Natalie Unterstell 
Olga Martins Wehb 
Oswaldo dos Santos Lucon 
Pedro Moura Costa 

Rafael Kelman 

Renata Moraes 

Roberto Schaeffer

Roberto Smeraldi
Robert Zsolt Let Kazinczy Smeraldi 

Rodrigo Amorim Gonçalves Rosa 
Sérgio Besserman Vianna 

Sérgio Luis de Carvalho Xavier 

Simone Siag Oigman-Pszczol 
Suzana Kahn Ribeiro Rezende de Azevedo 
Tasso Resende de Azevedo 
Tatiana Martins Wehb 

Virgílio Maurício Viana 

William Wills 

Board of directors/officers

Guilherme Syrkis 
Marcia Bandeira
Simone Siag Oigman Pszczol

Willian Wills


Guidance Council


Branca Bastos Americano 

Eduardo José Viola 

Natalie Unterstell 

Roberto Smeraldi

Rodrigo Amorim Gonçalves Rosa 
Virgílio Maurício Viana

Fiscal Council

Bradson Camelo

Helena Mian

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